Friday, August 08, 2008

Purses and Wisdom

Still on the purses but I just finished the last one and then back to garments. This one is for a friend:

I added a back pocket, thought it would be perfect for magazines, etc.
Put a snap on the pocket to keep it closed when not in use:
Then added my label
Quick look at our kitties, we have a new one, see it under the fire pit?

This purse was made a few days ago and my friend sold it at her shop today. This one sold today also. 18 yo dd said it was cute, big compliment coming from a teenager.
This one is for a birthday present - the twins picked out the fabric for the present. The pattern is from a Japanese book.
I finished this one last night.

Why wisdom in the title? Well 18 yo dd had 3 wisdom teeth out today. She is doing fantastic, pain does not bother her much.
Garment sewing - first up is a pair of shorts for Kaitlyn, a Lizzie McGuire pattern.


  1. Anonymous6:20 AM

    They are all pretty, but I particularly like the pink and black one.

  2. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Cool that you can make so very different bags and purses. I think people too often make things very alike. I don't use purses myself, I'm a backpack person, but I do think they are pretty.

  3. Anonymous3:20 PM

    A pocket for a magazine? Friend, indeed. I'm always carrying little books and things around in my big ole bags.:)

  4. Great bags! Lori - Queen of Bags. :) Cute kitty too.

  5. You make the cutiest bags! And that kitty photo made me smile... I miss my cats so much...

  6. Wonderful job on the purses, Lori, and I love how you stage them. :)

  7. Great looking purses! I like them all.