Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still Around but Not for Long

I have been not a very good blogger and I am only back for today. For that reason, this is a long post with many pictures. We had graduation, then a few more end-of-school programs, the last day of school on Thursday, off to Kansas City for weekend softball tournaments. Now back for one day.

First, thanks to the brave men and women. Look at the flags for those who have served from our small town. This is just a fraction of the flags (I would need a super-wide angle lens) and it continues to grow as more names are added (those who have served in the armed forces). It is a breathtaking tribute and helps to remind me of the price many have paid.

We have had so much rain. This is tough for the row-crop farmers, they cannot get their crops in but my flowers are growing a mile a minute. A few pictures:

Isn't this a pretty color of rose?


Flower bed at the back of our home:

A rose, garden phlox and ornamental grass burm. This seperates our yard from the barn yard. I love this burm more and more, it is filling in so nicely. Plus, wonderful textures and colors.

Sewing - yes a quick Simpliciyt 4076, I pleated the neck edge instead of gathering.

Neck edge:

A friend has opened a gift shop and wanted me to make some purses for her to sell. Here are 4 of them. I apologize for the photo quality, snapped four quick pictures before heading off to work.

Beginning o pack bag - early idea with patchwork of the charm

Now off to finish laundry, heading out in 10 hours for a trip. I will be back on Sunday, hoping to get to my sewing room. I had to buy some clothes for this trip, oh, the horrors!

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  1. Wow Lori..you have been busy!

    Nice Top...like the pleats. Your bags are gorgeous as always.

    When you have a moment (LOL), come and see what I've been up to at ~Off The Cuff Style~