Monday, May 05, 2008

It was a Dress

Okay, I love this dress, BWOF 4/2008 #118 but it didn't love me! First, I think it was my fabric combination, second, some of my alterations from the muslin and third, my zipper for the front and fourth my many mistakes and I would think of them each time I would have worn it (and that would have driven me crazy).

Here it is:

I added too much length to the bodice as you can tell. I love the fabric but it is too busy for this dress design, at least in my opinion.

If you are going to make this dress things to look for:
  1. The bodice pattern piece does not have as much length as it appears in the finished garment's photograph
  2. Check the zipper length for the bodice.
  3. If you add length to the bodice, add length to the front band (I forgot and didn't have extra fabric, I just pieced the black band but you could see the seam)
  4. The welt pockets have a pleat on the bottom, I didn't see this and my skirt would not line up, then I took a good look at the pattern pieces in the instructions and realized my mistake.
  5. You need 2 zippers, the front one and an invisible one in the side seam.

So that is it, I think. My dress wadder and now nothing to wear for my daughter's graduation in 12 days. I have a very pretty red and white knit, I will look for a nice, simple dress pattern. I need simple!

What about the title? Well, like Linday T Sews reinvented a dress into a tunic, I reinvented the dress into a skirt, I just had to do something, the fabric is just too wonderful. Pictures coming soon.


  1. Good idea to change your wadder into a skirt. I bet it makes a nice skirt.

  2. Those are great tips Lori!

  3. Sometimes the sewing goddesses just do not line up. Salvaging this and turning it into a skirt will not be a waste of time.

  4. Perfect fabric for a skirt with a white T :)

  5. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Can you make the top part into a cute little jacket?

  6. Some of my most egregious errors have been the result of choosing the wrong fabric. Yours will make a great skirt, though.

  7. Oh well. Kudos for making a go of it!

  8. That sure stinks about it not turning out how you were hoping. Thankfully you were able to make lemonade (a skirt) out of your lemon.

  9. Darn! That's too bad, I really like that pattern, this'll be very helpful for anyone else who attempts it!

  10. Too bad it didn't fit right, because it was very cute as a dress. I really like it reborn as a skirt, though. :)

  11. I'm so sorry (this model is in my spring/summer list too), but I'm glad you were able to save this beautiful fabric! A skirt sounds great!