Friday, May 16, 2008

Simplicity 3678

Pattern Review

Description: Misses’ knit dresses with neckline and sleeve variations.

Sizing: 8 to 16, I made a 12. I couldn’t find finished measurements on the pattern pieces. I am not sure if I was in a hurry and didn’t see them or they were not there. I should have made a 10.

Instructions: The instructions were good but it was pretty straightforward construction.

Likes/Dislikes: I liked the style and the quickness of construction. This is for #2 daughter’s high school graduation on Sunday. I needed quick and cute. I love the shaping of this dress. Take a look at the line drawing, there is a band piece between the bodice and the skirt but the skirt pieces have a very nice waist shaping. Flattering style.
I also like the sleeve - it is cut out double. They have the piece mirrored at the bottom but you could cut it out on the fold. The sleeve seam is sewn, pressed and you fold it right sides together and ta-da no hemming. Here is a picture.
This is such a great idea and easy to incorporate in other patterns. I do think you will have to consider youre fabric and fabric weight.

Changes: I did not cut out the pattern piece for the binding. Instead I measured the pattern bodice pieces subtracted seam allowances and another 3” for stretch. Cut the binding 1-1/2” wide and applied this. I turned in the binding used my coverstitch machine to stitch down the binding, trimming away any excess binding. I added 1” to the bodice for my long torso. The view I made has the crossover bodice, I lapped my bodice an extra 1/2” since I cut a size too big.

The skirt section was too big for my tastes, I took in each side ½” from the waist down. After trying on my garment, I felt the back of the skirt stood away from my body too much. There are gathers in the skirt and I didn’t want to disrupt the look of these. I marked a dart placement and put a 4” dart just below the back band. This dart was 4-1/2” each side of center. This really helped with the fit of the dress and you can’t really see the dart with the paisley print. A picture of this - I added text to show the dart placement:

For you sewing experts, does this mean I need a sway back adjustment? Or is it just the style of the dress?

The dress was long, too, I only added the 1” to the bodice, yet I took 4” off the dress.
Oh, yes, one more. I added 1-1/2" to the sleeve length. Cap sleeves aren't flattering on me.

: A wonderful knit from Ressy’s coop

Conclusion: Just what I needed for my daughter’s outdoor graduation. I couldn’t of asked for a nicer dress, which didn’t require a lot of time. I would like to try the rounded neck version for winter.
In case it is a bit chilly, graduation is outside:
Gotta have new shoes:
I will post a picture of me in the dress on Sunday.
Graduation preparation update:
House is clean, food is purchased, dress is made. I didn't get the windows washed, might get to that this morning, we will see.
DD#2, Erin, runs state track today and tomorrow, senior scholarship night also is tonight. That will be a problem, as she runs one event at 6:30 p.m. and scholarship night is at 7 p.m. The problem, the state track meet is one hour from home!
What a great way for her to end her high school career. I am wishing her good luck and fast legs.


  1. Lori, this is really pretty. I love the print and the sleeves are very cool. I hope you have a great time at graduation!

  2. Your dress is beautiful! I made that one last year and fell in LOVE with the sleeve construction!! Love your shoes too!

  3. Very pretty dress!I love the fabric.

  4. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Love your dress! And it looks great with the jacket too. Congratulations to the graduate!

  5. This absolutely adorable! Red is my favorite color and the pattern is really nice. I will definitely buy this pattern when they're on sale next.

  6. What a great dress.

  7. Anonymous9:59 AM

    this is so beautiful Lori
    and I love the shoes too, you will look great, i know you can't wait to wear it

  8. Gorgeous! I love it with the jacket.

  9. The dress is beautiful and I love the print. And those shoes... Have a wonderful graduation, and wishing your daughter all the best- including super speed :-)

  10. Beautiful dress! I made this too and I agree about the back being too full. I made it as is and wear it, but I feel like the back stands away from my body an awful lot too. Looks like you found a great solution.

    Congrats to your daughter on her graduation & go "fast legs"!

  11. pretty, pretty dress. i really like the round neck version of this pattern. how does the sizing run? i'm trying to decide if it is worth it to size down the pattern.


  12. Pretty fabric, and I like the way you have styled it with those cool shoes and jacket.

  13. Beautiful dress. The outfit looks lovely.

  14. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Cute dress! and I like the jacket too! Did you make it also?
    I'm surprised they would have graduation on a Sunday.
    I had to smile to myself at your possible need for a jacket -- the graduation for our high school is this coming Thursday. Yeah, I said THURSDAY! And it's supposed to get into the 3 digits tomorrow. And ours is outdoors to boot!!! Fortunately, I don't have one graduating this year, but I have in the past, and it's just miserable! Hot, uncomfortable, too far away. Grumble, grumble.
    Good Luck to your dd!

  15. What a great ensemble! The fabric is beautiful and I want those shoes!!!

    I hope the graduation day is beautiful. Congratulations to your daughter!

  16. Very pretty! And the fabric is absolutely wonderful!

  17. What a beautiful and feminine dress! The outfit that you pulled together looks great!

    I really can't tell if you need a sway bac adjustment or not based on the pictures but I would prefer that the dress wouldn't stay away from my back too, so you did the right thing adding that dart!

  18. Cute outfit. I like your styling too.