Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pattern Review 1/2008 #108

I am not going to do a full review of this blouse. The construction is just like #107, and you can read about it here

Take a look at the Burda World of Fashion picture. I did eliminate the tie.

I loved Laura Lo's version with the piping and thought I would use it, too. I did use the piping in different areas.

The only thing to check is the sleeve band. You might want to measure your bicep and make sure it isn't too tight. I added 1/2" to my band.

This morning I cut out Simplicity 3678 from very pretty red-cream paisley knit.

Knitting magazines will be mailed tomorrow. I just divided them up the best I could, hope everyone is happy with their package.

Off to move college daughter now.


  1. Lovely blouse, and the way you worked with the stripes is so nice. The piping gives just the extra touch to it. Still on my to sew list.

  2. Your blouse is lovely! I still have this one on my list of blouses I really want to make!

  3. I LOVE this. I adore how you worked the stripes and the piping in the sleeve band is wonderful!

  4. Lovely version of this top.

  5. Outstanding Lori!

    I'm just wondering.....do you already have a pair of arm-hugging leather gloves to wear with your blouse, or do you have to buy a pair?


  6. Anonymous12:45 AM

    wow what a great rendition of a great shirt. Love the colors and the piping. Great job