Friday, February 29, 2008

Burda World of Fashion 2/2008 #101

Pattern Review

Burda World of Fashion 2/2008 #101

Description: From page 11(101A), this batiste garment is delicate yet makes a powerful statement with its rich violet color. And, it also looks stunning when worn loose without a belt. From page 65, (101B) This hip-length blouse boasts three trend features. Sixties sleeves, retro-print fabric and raised waist seam. An ultra-wide patent leather belt just adds the icing on the cake.

Sizing: 36 to 46, I made a 38 and made the longer view A.

Instructions: The instructions were really pretty good. Make sure to note the seam allowance instructions for the front band “no allowance on lengthwise facing edge of front band”. Burda instructs you to attach the front band to the upper fronts and when this is completed, work the buttonholes. This does work nicely, you have one side on the upper front and it is easy to stitch that bottom buttonhole. Also, make the casing for the lower edge of the sleeves, try on the blouse and adjust the elastic as needed for the forearm. I stitched my elastic on with my serger and it was not tight enough. A pain to unsew the serging.

Likes/Dislikes: I really liked the sleeves, that is entirely the reason I made this blouse. I am not sure about the raised waist but with the right belt I think it will not look so high.

Changes: One change I wish I had done, my fabric was very lightweight and I should have interfaced the collar band and the collar band facing. I did add ½” to the upper front to drop the raised waist a bit.

Fabric: A stable jersey knit from Needle Nook Fabrics. It is a bit see-through, so a cami will be worn!

Conclusion: A trendy blouse that will be fun to wear with or without a belt. This is a 2 dot pattern but it doesn’t take too long to construct.

On the dressform, the belt is not right but the only one in my closet.

Back on the dressform:

Back on me:
No belt:
Belt on me
Side view:

Sleeve detail:
Basketball note - my daughter's team finished 2nd in Districts. They lost by 20 points but on a positive note, first time since 1992 the girls team has played in a basketball district championship.


  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Another beautiful top!!
    Donna W
    Edmonton, Alberta

  2. I love your fabric choice...cute top and great job!

  3. That top is awesome! Now I *need* to make myself one - thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Is the copy of this top in the mail to me, your east coast twin? 'Cause I want one just like it.

  5. Wonderful! I didn't give this top a second look when I browsed this issue of BWOF - now I'm thinking I want one too.

  6. I am so thankful there are individuals like you who can see through the poses of models and see the potential nice garment underneath all the "hype".

    I love this top and how it fits you. With your review I am giving this a second look. Love the fabric you chose. Great job.

  7. Great top! It looks great on you, with or without belt...

  8. Anonymous3:54 AM

    this looks so beautiful,, and comfortable on you

  9. Wow...fabulous Lori!

  10. That's wonderful, Lori! Yours is *so* much better than the Burda version. Thanks for showing the world how it oughta look!

  11. I have an eye on this pattern too! Well done!

  12. The top looks terrific! I kinda like the belt you are using with it but I can't get a closeup. I'm not as crazy about it without the belt but I preferred fitted stuff anyway.

    Hugs to your daughter!!