Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008 and Happy Birthday

Welcome to 2008 and no resolutions here but I will have a big shout out to my now 18 year old daughter. Yes, 18 years ago today, I gave birth to my second daughter. She is a New Year's baby and loves it. Her cell phone goes crazy with calls and text messages just after midnight. Plus, you are always at a party when it is your birthday!

Now, my thoughts, how did she get to be 18?
The picture? The twins wanted one of the ball in Times Square!
Sewing you say? I finished a Simplicity Project Runway jacket on the 31st. Pictures soon. I traced and cut out a BWOF jumper.


  1. Happy New Year and Happy birthday to your daughter!

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter.

    Happy new year. Hope we will see a lot of sewing projects!

  3. Happy new year! I think WE should get the presents on our children's birthdays..lol. Nicole Kidman always gives her mother flowers on her birthday (Nicole's that is).

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter! 18 is a great age.

  5. Happy Belated "Birthing" Day! I'm sure in the blink of an eye, I'll be posting about my baby turning 18 - boo hoo!

    Happy New Year, can't wait to see the new projects!

  6. Happy New Year and a big Birthday hug to your daughter!