Sunday, January 06, 2008

Catching up on sewing and pictures and reviews

I have been sewing and now catching up with pictures, blogging and reviews. Before the reviews, I want to share my one resolution.

The resolution?
To enjoy the sewing process and improve my skills. I guess that is two but they go hand-in-hand for me. No more rushing the procees, racing through to get it done instead I will relax while sewing and enjoy the creativity process.

Three projects in this post. The first one I finished New Year's Day:

Pattern: Simplicity 3538, Project Runway Pattern

Description: Misses’ Jacket in tow lengths with yoke, collar and sleeve variations

Sizing: 4 to 20, I made a 10

Instructions: The instructions are good, I did follow them all. The lining is quite different. The front is a yoke and then the flat or gathered piece and the lining is the same. Okay, now time for the facing, enclose the long unnotched edge with double fold bias tape. Simplicity gives specific instructions on the bias tape and how to shape it with your iron. The next step was the different part, pin wrong side of facing to the lining, baste the outer edges and then stitch the bound edge down to the lining. I thought this was different but I liked the results. Overall, good information for the beginner sewer and many options to make your jacket unique.

Likes/Dislikes: I liked the style. I wish I had finished this before New Year’s Eve. The only dislike, the sleeves are a bit tight around my forearm. I will add ½” below the elbow next time.

For those that do not like buttonholes, this pattern doesn’t have them. The closure is actually snaps and the buttons are sewn for decorative purposes only.

Fabric: Black velveteen that has been in my closet forever. I just barely had enough.

Conclusion: Cute, fun jacket. I really like the yokes and the rounded collar.

Next - this one finished yesterday.

Pattern: Burda World of Fashion 9/2007 #121.

Description: This saucy pinafore/dress jumper shows loads of Sixties’ swing! The hemline nips at the knees, the waist seam is slightly raised and a wide, shaped, self-fabric belt cinches to the waist. Wear it over a close-fitting turtleneck pullover for the true-to-style look.

Sizing: 34 to 42, I made a 38

Instructions: The were good for BWOF, I should have read more of the reviews to see the lining variations done. Diane's would have been especially helpful.

Likes/Dislikes: I like the shape and design. A cute jumper, yet doesn’t look too young for my age. That would be mid-40’s!

Changes: The jumper was way too big in the hips. I took it in another ½” on each side seams in the hip area.

Fabric: Gray interlock from Needle Nook fabrics. I emailed Anne and told her I wanted it just like the picture (sent the link). She had just the item. Not too original, but I have a black turtleneck, black long sleeve t-shirts, black boots and black tights. So gray seemed the best choice.

Conclusion: A great jumper and wonderful pattern, I can see why so many people are making this jumper.

Number 3 was finished today.

Pattern: Burda World of Fasion 9/2006 #115

Description: Wrap-over dress with slim ¾ sleeves.

Sizing: 34 to 40, I made a 36.

Instructions: Okay, this is how it starts in the magazine “Make up more or less as described for style 114.” I thought this was funny and had to share. Really the instructions were fine.

Likes/Dislikes: I love the shape of this wrap dress after seeing some reviews on Pattern Review. I did not have this issue and emailed Anne at Needle Nook hoping she had a copy in stock. Yea, my lucky day.

Changes: I lengthened the bodice by 1” for my long waist adjustment. I will make this again and raise the neckline, for this one I will have to wear a camisole for more coverage.

Fabric: A knit from Gorgeous Fabric. I was not original on this dress, after seeing Leslie's second dress from this pattern, I quickly added this fabric to my cart. Sorry, it is sold out.

Conclusion: Great dress, it looks a bit too long-waisted on my dressform but it fits me just right. I will make this again for spring. My only problem, the fabric has a bit of gold metallic and my boots have silver buckles. I will have to borrow my 18 year old daughter’s boots or go shopping!

Did you notice a new dressform? My Christmas present from my 4 daughters, the old gray flea market find is retired. It is a cute story. Dressforms were on sale after Thanksgiving and I left the flyer out for hubby to see. Well, college daughter went over before Thanksgiving and was told they weren't on sale until after Thanksgiving. So on Friday, 18 year-old daughter went over to Joann's to purchase it. Well, not on sale to Saturday. The girls decided to save their gas (45 minute trip to Joann's for us) and ordered it online and had it shipped to my mom's. Well, the Friday it was delivered my parents were out-of town. The dressform box sat on the front porch for 3 days and I even went out there to feed their animals. I just buzzed in the back door and didn't pay any attention. I was so excited when I opened this box and loved the story behind it.


  1. Everything looks fabulous! The velveteen jacket is adorable.

  2. Anonymous5:16 AM

    They are all gorgeous. I would love to see them modelled by you.

  3. Anonymous8:01 AM

    when you wear the burda jumper, will you skip like the model making your ponytail stand straight up/ :) what an awkward shot that is! nonetheless, cute jumper. the PR jacket is on my list....just waiting for simplicity patterns to go on sale. may just get it the next time i am near a fabric store.....
    the wrap dress is lovely. i think you "need" to go shopping for your own boots. :)

  4. As usual, I love all three items! The jacket turned out great and would have been a nice New Year's Eve choice but now you need to come up with another reason to go out.

    Love your jumper (imagine that!) The classic gray and black will look wonderful. If we were in 7th grade, we could wear our matching outfits on the same day. LOL!

    And finally I LOVE that wrap dress. I completely missed that fabric. I didn't see Leslie's version in it either. Definitely time for an additional pair of boots - but I'm admittedly a shopping enabler.

  5. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Those clothes are beautiful!! I know the jumper and dress will look soooo good on you as you are tall and slim. Good choice on the fabric for the jacket. I had wondered where you were since you didn't add to your blog since New Years..I thought you were I were in your sewing room.
    Donna W
    Edmonto, Alberta

  6. Anonymous3:59 PM

    OMG, you got a lot done, wow, they look great, especially the jacket, NICE

  7. I'm so flattered Lori!! Your dress turned out beautifully. (Love the jacket and jumper, too.) We'll have to meet up some time and wear our twin dresses. :-)

  8. Wow, you have been busy creating some gorgeous outfits! I love them all, and I am with you on enjoying the process. I always seem to rush so much and I really need to enjoy the process and the creativity. :)

  9. Anonymous9:14 PM

    I wish I was better at sewing clothes! Your blog is inspiring me to try it out more!

  10. Love it all. I, too, would like to see them modeled by you!

  11. All the three projects look fabulous! My favorite is the last BWOF dress, yours look much better than the original!

    What a wonderful gift, a new dressform!