Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nighttime Pictures

We have a very slick sheet of ice all around our house but I stepped out this evening and it was beautiful. A bit of fog, the ice and the glow of the Christmas lights, I had to take some pictures. A perfecto opportunity to practice some of what I had learned in my photography classes. I was so nervous carrying my nice camera and slip sliding around!

Some of our trees.

My living room tree

The single tree, I played with this in Photoshop quite a bit

Next two are playing with aperture.


  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Great photos Lori. I admire anyone that can take good photos. I can barely keep from getting my finger across the lens. My eldest daughter has all the photograpic talent in the family. She's been doing it since she was 17 and got her first part-time job at a photograpy shop. Those were the days of taking film to the store, and waiting a week. I learned one thing while she worked there. Yes, the staff DO look at everyone's pics. LOL Thank goodness for digital photos. Is there a place you like more than others to send your digital pics to be printed?? Just curious because everytime my dd sends me digitals, there are a few I'd like to print on good quality paper.

  2. These are great- do you use a digital camera? I've always wanted to play around with photography more and learn how to really capture moments like the one of the ice and the trees - beautiful!

  3. Great pictures, Lori. :) I hope you are you have a good time and learning a lot in your photography class.

  4. Great Pictures, Lori!