Thursday, December 13, 2007

Amy Butler's In Town and Some Inside Decorations

My high school daughter needed a couple of presents and being the broke student she is, I volunteered to make some purses. I participated in a Holiday Swap and this pattern was in my box - Amy Butler's In Town Bags. My daughter liked the drawstring bag and we picked out fabric.

Pink had to be one of the colors - so here it is. This is a small bag 10-1/2" square, so be warned. That is fine for this friend but the other friend carries an very, very large bag. I will probably double all the measurements for this one. Only change to this bag is lengthening the straps. The pattern calls for short handles, the type you would just carry in your hands. I made my straps 20", so this could be a shoulder bag.

A bit of decorating. My grandmother's silver tray with a flea market dish. I added beaded garland and glass balls.

A side view (still working on my photography)

Small tree in my bedroom.

My mantle, cross-stitch made by my mom. I love this sampler. I made the stockings.


  1. Very cute! I love Amy Butlers patterns.

  2. The tray with the glass balls/beads is gorgeous -- great photos. I love the stockings -- my aunt has made these for my children. I just got a Mary Maxim catalog and saw the stocking kits for sale -- fun! Cute bag.

  3. Adorable bag. My middle daughter would love that!

    I love all your decorating. Looks very festive! My house is still in a state of half-decoratedness and based on the projects I have in mind for the next few days, it will likely stay that way.

  4. The bag is beautiful! I also love your Christmas decorations! I'm still working on my decorations and you pictures are very inspirational!

  5. Lovely! All of it. I love your mantel and fireplace especially.

  6. Those stockings are great! I've made 2 similar ones (actually, the one on ethe left I thought was the same one I made, but realized it was a little different!) --I want to make some more!! Love the bag, too!

  7. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Ooooo Lori, I love that glass bowl bead arrangement. Even the simplest things can be made to look amazing if you have that "eye" for artistic arrangments. You've got it nailed down pat. Are any of your dd's artistic like you?