Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Simplicity 3887

I loved Jnamcd's version of this top with a knit, so I needed one. Her top is much better with the floral fabric and the solid contrast but mine will do. I cut off the long sleeve part of the sleeve pattern, so I had to draft my own pattern for that part. Not too difficult but I added way too much width at from the elbow down. I cut out 1-1/2" and it was much better. My daughter referred to my sleeves as wings. I do have the tie at the side and eliminated some of the length. I did interface the entire part of the bottom band and the tie for my knit. That was all the changes. This top is much cuter and fits better than my first one, I have since given that one to charity. I did not like the fit or the look on me. Most of it was the fabric, just too heavy and bulky.

I wore my Kwik Sew top today to work, not my favorite but it will do for work. I did get some oil on the sleeve from standing too close to the presses while asking questions. I might add a tie to the top, like my Onion top. I really should of made Onion 2017 with the pink and black fabric. What do they say, hindsight is 20/20.

Now off to a Southern Living party and then to a cardmaking class with my 12 year old daughter (the oldest twin). She loves to make cards and I have promised her a class for 6 months, finally one fit into our schedules. Oh, she has been making pencil cases with a zipper. Nothing fancy but just started cutting fabric, decided it needed a zipper. I showed her how to do it once. Last night she made 2 and I didn't even know she had gone to the sewing room. I have a sewer!!!


  1. It looks gorgeous!I like it in solid too, I think it's different yet very beautiful and stylish!

    Enjoy yousrself at the party!

  2. Now, that is very strange because I was looking at my own version of the top this morning... and wondering why I never wore it all summer. I realized it was because of the fabric and told myself I should have done it in a knit. There must be strange vibes circulating between our corners of the world because that is exactly what you are showing us today!
    It turned out beautiful and very stylish. I'm sure you'll get to wear that one and it inspires me to get that pattern out again and make it up in a knit. Thank you!

  3. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Lori, enjoy your Southern Living party. I love all of their home accessories and could go broke buying them. LOL! Your top is very stylish and looks comfy to wear. To take the oil out of the sleeve, try using some Dawn dishwashing detergent. It's really good for removing greasy stains. Am so glad that one of your girls likes to sew. My DD took her sewing machine back to the dorm with her so she could practice sewing. I sent along a book or two to help her get started. Have a great week.

  4. That is cute and very trendy! That is so fun that your daughter is sewing, too. :) I hope that my daughter want to sew one day, too.

    Hope you found some nice stuff at the show...I really like the SL stuff.