Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Pick-Me-Up for #2 Daughter

Sewing to make me feel better and a purse to make my 17 year old daughter (E) feel better. E lost a big softball game last night, the last one she will play for her high school team. She had an incredible career, 3 district championships (including this year), a record of 19-4 this year and several post-season honors. Still it is tough and to add to the tough - a deer ran into her car tonight. She wasn't hurt, the deer ran off, and the car is still driveable (once I duct-tape the headlight in!). She took my car into the homecoming activities and I told her to drive very carefully - things happen in 3, right? E took her little sisters to these activities and I went to my sewing room. E had commented about needing a new purse. I think she will like this:

I just went to cutting and sewing - gathered some black to the inset piece, made some yo-yo's, added some running stitches and used purchased handles from Joann's.

On the bright side, E is a homecoming queen candidate, that makes a teenage girl very happy.
Now back to my BWOF shirt, I made a muslin on Tuesday, ready for the real deal now!


  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Very cute purse, Lori. Sorry to hear about E's mishaps; however, this too shall pass. Hope E loves the purse.

  2. Softball star AND homecoming candidate?!! Awesome!

    And she's most of all lucky for having such a thoughtful mom to provide the pick-me-up she needs.

    The bag is adorable. You're amazing!

  3. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I just love the bags you've been making lately. I'm glad to hear that she's o.k. after the deer incident. I'm sure that your new bag will cheer her up! Good luck, I hope she wins Homecoming Queen1

  4. It's beautiful! I'm sorry for E loosing her last game... This will brighten up her day, I'm sure!

  5. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Hugs to E...she had a rough time of it. You are such a thoughtful Mom. I know she will love that new purse that you made for her. Tell her that your sewing friends wish her all the best in becoming the Homecoming Queen.
    Donna W
    Edmonton, Alberta

  6. What a nice pick me up present! Lovely purse. I am sure she will enjoy it.