Thursday, March 08, 2007

Purse for Birthday Girl

Today is college daughter's birthday, I took the day off and drove 2 hours to take her to lunch and shopping (of course). My husband (her dad) thought this was funny since college daughter is coming home tomorrow for the family birthday bash. I thought is was all very reasonable, I really wanted to see her and spend part of the day with her. I had the bakery make her a small individual cake and I had to bring her a present, right? Since all the presents were wrapped and are for the weekend party, I just had make her a new purse. I love this fabric combination and she did, too.


  1. Love it! Great color combo.

  2. gorgeous, dahling. don't blame you one bit for driving 2 hrs to see your daughter on her b'day. i would do the exact same thing.

  3. Love the purse! The colors are great.

    I think that is a mother daughter thing because my mom would totally do that for me & not think twice. Your a good mom!

  4. it's stunning! The colors are awesome :D

  5. Love it, the colors work wonderfully together! And, of course you had to go see her on her birthday. Hope you had a nice mother-daughter time.

  6. Anonymous11:43 AM

    ya Know... I totally understand. I used to make pancakes to send to my ex mother -in -laws when my daughter would visit. so what . They didn't make pancakes so why should she be without...
    They know how I am.


  7. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Happy Birthday to the college girl. I would have driven two hours as well - glad you had a great day.

    Love the bag. Beautiful colors.

  8. I love the purse!!!

    Great colors.


  9. I love the purse and my DD did, too. I'm a lurker on the list you moderate and I always enjoy seeing your work -- it's inspiring.
    p.s. I'd had driven the two hours to see my daughter on her b'day -- absolutely!