Monday, February 05, 2007

Sewing Fun

All day Saturday I had the opportunity to sew with my friends from my local ASG and my good friend, Anne, owner of Needle Nook Fabric. Anne came to our ASG, with her helper, Deb (hi, Deb) and taught us bra-making. You are thinking, make your own bras? Yes, we did, and mine looks pretty darn good. No, I am not going to show a picture of my bra but I will entice you with the fabric piles we were able to feel and buy.
I did buy 3 pieces of knits for shirts, one is probably going to be this Jalie 2682. I had so much fun and hope my ASG has another teacher in soon, also, I encourage all you sewers to take a ME day and treat yourself to some sewing fun. Now to find some time to sew up all this fabric.


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