Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My New Space

Finally, after 4 months of working on this project, I have a new living room. I started in August gathering up items to sell or put away for future use. Then couch hunting, new window treatments, accessories (more to come), paint and then paint again. Here is the before, more of a country look with many, many knick-knacks:

That was the view from the front door. Here was the view from the hallway. Oh, I took pictures after I started going through my accessories, I didn't have them just sitting in piles like this!

Now, here is the new room, I love this room, it is beautiful, peaceful and just puts a smile on my face:

Here is from the front door:

I hired two sisters to do a faux finish on my walls, my first paint choice was just not right, looked pink during the daylight. Here is the treatment, hope you can see it, their work is so wonderful.
Finally, a softer picture, my flash didn't go off, but it is a pretty picture.
Plans for tomorrow night, put up the artificial tree in this room, it will go where the rocker is. One of my daughter's commented last night how much she loves this tree. The ornaments are all either glass or gold. The tree will go with this room much better now. Oh, we do have a real tree up in our family room, it is filled with all the handmade ornaments from friends, kids and myself. Such fun putting up that tree and reliving "Baby's 1st Christmas" and many other milestones.


  1. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Your room looks wonderful. You're right, it does look peaceful.

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Your room looks beautiful and inviting. What a difference you've made.

  3. Anonymous2:50 PM

    The new room does look great. Amazing what a difference the finish on the walls can make. The couch fits right in as well. Beautiful and nicely done!