Friday, September 29, 2006

Presents for College Girl

As I have stated before (sorry redundant), the massive quilt is complete. I have been having so much fun making quick items, home dec and all from Amy Butler's In Stitches Book
I have made the potholder for myself, it is cute, pictures later. I love the hand pockets on the back.

Back to college girl, tomorrow is family day at my oldest daughter's university. I can't wait to see her, she was home over Labor Day but that was almost a month ago. Yes, I am counting. This is her second year at school and she is an apartment dweller this year. The two girls have fixed it up so cute and I wanted to bring her a surprise. I made the placemats from Amy's book, they turn out beautifully. I did find them quite large - 16" wide and 20" long. I put my dinner plate on the placemat and my dinner plate looked like a luncheon plate. I trimmed the placemat down to 14" and liked this proportion quite a bit. Plus college girl has a small table and I am hoping all four will fit with the smaller size. Her kitchen is red, blacks and whites with splashes of yellow and turquoise. Very cute and all that color helps the white walls of the kitchen. Her dishes are red Fiestaware.

I didn't have any white plates to "set" a table but added my thrift milk glass. I think the colors are fun and funky for my daughter's more contemporary taste. To add to her kitchen set my twin daughters made their sister a potholder each. Pretty proud mom moment!

Okay, blogger is only letting me upload these two pictures, I will have to post the other potholder tomorrow. I am taking my camera, hoping college girl's apartment is clean and neat, I need some pictures of her very cute first place.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Fall Cards

The quilt is finished, hurray, hurray. I kept track of my time and it was 21.5 hours. That for a fact is the longest I have ever spent on one thing in a very long time. Now on to fun, quick, and instant gratification projects. I purchased several charm sets last week and they arrived last Friday. I am sure other crafters realize the amount of fabric in some charm sets, wow, lots of fabric to enjoy. I went to work with one set and made some fall-inspired cards. I will probably make several more before I head to the next project. I still need quick and fast!!
BTW, thanks to all for the kind comments on my blog. I have tried to respond to the comments but it must be a blogspot thing, the email just bounces. So once again - thank you.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

No Sewing, just watching lots of Softball

Still around but my poor sewing machine and serger are probably so very lonely. I know I am missing them. Sunday I worked for 4 hours on a quilt for hire, it still needs quite a bit of work. I have so many other things I want to do but this has to be done.
My job is going great, I really like what I am doing and love the fact my day ends at 2 p.m. Thought I could sew before my twins came home from school but that time has spent heading to out-of-town softball games. This to will pass, only 2 more weeks in the regular season, fall softball is a short season with lots of games packed in.
I thought I would post a picture of my flowers - hence my blog name!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Bag for Me!!!

Finally, a bag for me, it is Indygo Junction's Small Carpetbag, it is cute but yet it is small. I used Moda fabric in fall tones, perfect for the weather lately. Also, perfect for my new job, a boost of confidence for going back to work. I worked for a long time trying to get the hinges lined up, probably 30 to 45 minutes of struggling. My dear hubby came in and he made it look easy, a minute later my hinges were lined up. The frame is a tubular frame and the small carpetbag takes a 7" frame.
I am putting up two pictures, my flowers looks so pretty after a nice rain and cooler weather.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Seeing Red .... Still

Still using red fabric here, but this might be the last bit. I made Simplicity 4124 and love the look and fit of this top. It looks a bit different than a casual t-shirt but still is quick to make. I posted a review - you can take a look if you want.

Here is a close-up of the front band

I substituted today, high school wood shop, tell you what that was interesting. Yes, they did work in the shop, no accidents!! That is my last day, as I start a part-time job in a graphics shop. I am pretty excited but will have to fit in my sewing fix during the week. Next project, a purse for me, nice fall colors.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Some Sewing but no Pictures yet

I have been working on a top for me but still puttering, more red fabric. A good thing .... no need to change my serger thread! I decided just to post a picture of this beautiful sunset my 11 yo daughter took about two weeks ago.

Friday, September 01, 2006

New Shirts for Me

I decided to continue in my sewing room with a couple of quick projects. Yes, they were quick and pretty successful. I signed up over a month ago for an on-line sewing class at See it Sew it. I have been printing off the lessons but not doing any sewing. Oh, yes, class name, might be helpful Trendy Tees. The line drawings were incredible, one was the exact tank from Ideology, part of my incentive to sign up. I made this one first - it had a CF drape.

I wasn't happy with the drape. The instructions aren't the best for drafting the drape, just a line drawing, no measurements. I thought I had it about right, but I don't think there is enough drape. Also, it was recommended not to finish the edges, I just couldn't do that. Maybe I should have listened. This is what you can see, the stitching, not too great of a look:

Here are the changes I made:

  • stretched 4" of elastic in 6" of the side seams and center front
  • placed a button to hold the drape to the side and create a faux crossover
  • took in 1/2" on the side seams

I am pretty pleased with the final look. I wasn't too pleased with the tank pattern from See it Sew it. I took 3/4" from the armsyce, thought the pattern would be the right size but it was very big. I am anxious to try a couple more of the variations. Oh, yes, my button might be too heavy but that is an easy fix. Does anyone have other suggestions?

The final picture is Simplicity 4076, I love this top. I have a review if you would care to read it