Friday, September 29, 2006

Presents for College Girl

As I have stated before (sorry redundant), the massive quilt is complete. I have been having so much fun making quick items, home dec and all from Amy Butler's In Stitches Book
I have made the potholder for myself, it is cute, pictures later. I love the hand pockets on the back.

Back to college girl, tomorrow is family day at my oldest daughter's university. I can't wait to see her, she was home over Labor Day but that was almost a month ago. Yes, I am counting. This is her second year at school and she is an apartment dweller this year. The two girls have fixed it up so cute and I wanted to bring her a surprise. I made the placemats from Amy's book, they turn out beautifully. I did find them quite large - 16" wide and 20" long. I put my dinner plate on the placemat and my dinner plate looked like a luncheon plate. I trimmed the placemat down to 14" and liked this proportion quite a bit. Plus college girl has a small table and I am hoping all four will fit with the smaller size. Her kitchen is red, blacks and whites with splashes of yellow and turquoise. Very cute and all that color helps the white walls of the kitchen. Her dishes are red Fiestaware.

I didn't have any white plates to "set" a table but added my thrift milk glass. I think the colors are fun and funky for my daughter's more contemporary taste. To add to her kitchen set my twin daughters made their sister a potholder each. Pretty proud mom moment!

Okay, blogger is only letting me upload these two pictures, I will have to post the other potholder tomorrow. I am taking my camera, hoping college girl's apartment is clean and neat, I need some pictures of her very cute first place.

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  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    When I was in college, I ate on plastic plates. I didn't get the real stuff until I was married and only just got the red Fiestaware last year! Your college girl sure does have nice taste. :o)

    The placemats look great. I'm sure your daughter will love them. That is really the nice thing about being able to sew - you can create the perfect gift!