Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Bag for Me!!!

Finally, a bag for me, it is Indygo Junction's Small Carpetbag, it is cute but yet it is small. I used Moda fabric in fall tones, perfect for the weather lately. Also, perfect for my new job, a boost of confidence for going back to work. I worked for a long time trying to get the hinges lined up, probably 30 to 45 minutes of struggling. My dear hubby came in and he made it look easy, a minute later my hinges were lined up. The frame is a tubular frame and the small carpetbag takes a 7" frame.
I am putting up two pictures, my flowers looks so pretty after a nice rain and cooler weather.


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    That is really nice! And a nice combo of fabrics as well. Hmmm...what is a tubular frame? I'd love to see what it looks like open. I've used metal frames before and found them sort of difficult. Isn't it nice that our hubbies will help us when we get frustrated?

    It is a perfect back-to-work bag.

  2. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Great job! Bag looks super and your fabric choices are perfect.

    After making a purse with a tubular frame, would you do it again?

  3. I just came across your blog the other night and took time to stop and read thru it some this evening. I love your bag. I just bought this pattern and you have confirmed that I will need to try the larger bag. Love your fabric choices with this.