Thursday, March 16, 2023

Fabric and Flow - Style Arc Rhea

A first time sewing Merino Wool Jersey and this is a beautiful fabric

I was gifted this fabric from Fabric + Flow and it is the Emerald color  which is a gorgeous color and it comes in several other colors.

I asked on my Instagram stories I asked for pattern suggestions since I had not sewn with this fabric.  one of the suggestions was the Style Arc Rhea Top

I did add cuffs to the sleeves, they just felt a bit short.  Also, I will add a couple inches to the front of the pattern, it is just a little short.

Back to the fabric, this is amazing fabric.  I washed it in delicate and I placed flat to dry, easy to do and the fabric was just as gorgeous as before I washed it.

Take a look at Fabric + Flow and all their beautiful fabrics. 

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  1. The top is beautiful and that's a great color for you.