Thursday, February 09, 2023

Coda Quilted Coat - mySewnet version

As I was sewing my first Coda Quilted Coat, I thought about my next one and here it is!

This time a boiled wool (teal) from Style Maker Fabrics and I have not sewn boiled wool in a very long time, actually I am trying to remember if I really have!  I took inspiration from Karen, the best fashionista and her mustard boiled wool coat and left all my edges raw.

But before I go into those details let me go into detail about the embroidery on the back, which I created in mySewnet and I took inspiration from a jacket mySewnet shared on their IG page

and quoting some of their post "Here's a tip for embroidering on heavy wool jackets: choose a design that subtly blends into your fabric while still making a big impact on your garment."

That is what I did with some beautiful florals and then did a one color stitch out.  Ignore my chalk mark, I marked a bit heavy and that line I marked incorrectly, not in the center back.

Here is a screen shot of my design.  I used several Superdesigns to create the right side of the design.  Next step was to combine that side, copy, paste, and then mirror the design.  Just like that I had two halves that matched exactly.  I moved the design over and made sure the left side was even with the right side.  Finally, I added, what I think is the perfect design for the center bottom.

When I sent this to my Pfaff Creative Icon 2, I checked the box for one color and just like that a monochromatic design.

Now to the Love Notions' Coda Quilted Coat, see this post for my first coat, which has been given to one of my daughters.  She has wanted a quilted coat for sometime and she is so excited.

I constructed this Coda just like the first one, well, minus the patchwork and quilting!  

The pockets, cuffs and outer edges all are raw

The lining is a rayon from Style Maker Fabrics and it is not a super slick rayon but works for the lining plus is just a fun pop of color

Now to get to how I handled the raw edges, I made a facing pattern for the entire outside edge of the front and back.  It was 2 inches wide.  This works so good for the raw edges and looks perfect.  I love this jacket and I love the color.

Speaking of color, I am really trying to use my color card from My Color Guru, which Teal is one of my colors as is the sweater.

I think this coat will be perfect as winter turns to spring and I couldn't be happier with the embroidery, the color, the fabric and the edges.

This is a quick and fun make.


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