Monday, January 16, 2023

The Sling Pouch

The sling style purse is very popular and when I saw the purse in ISEE Fabric's Instagram post, I knew I needed to make it.

I asked my four daughters if they would like one, the oldest did not.  So I sent the other three a link to the kit and told them to pick a color.   The came back two blues and one mustard yellow.  The kit comes with the fabric, lining, interfacing, webbing, zipper, buckle and slider, so nice to have it all together

The pattern  does not come with the kit, you do have to purchase that separately.  If you have fabric, you can purchase just the hardware kit.

I found the pattern easy to follow and the directions in a nice concise order with good quality photos to help with the construction.

I used some of my Kylie and the Machine labels

One thing I did find missing was the length to cut the straps for each side of the pouch.  I just kind of guessed and it was fine.

One other point is the Merchant and Mills Quilted Jaquard ravels like crazy, so be prepared.

I am so happy on how these turned out, ISEE Fabric made it so each with the kits and I think they look so professional.

My girls love them 


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