Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Dawn Jeans - Cone Denim

Another pattern, I have been meaning to make and finally it has happened.  The Dawn Jean in Cone Denim, the second to last piece in my stash.

The pattern can be found here  and the fabric is Cone Denim from LA Finch Fabrics and the back pocket design is from mySewnet

Let's talk about the back pocket design, which I have been thinking about using mySewnet to embellish.  What a great way to get the same look on each pocket and not worry about topstitching the design the same on both pockets.  I used a SuperDesign and just enlarged it a bit to fit the pocket. I did have the design go off the pocket just a bit. Which this part just stitched on the stabilizer.  The SuperDesign is from the twin needle category.  I didn't want the twin needles so kept a standard needle in my machine and only one color choice comes up.  I did flip the design before stitching the second pocket, this mirrored the image and they look the same on the back.

Here are the completed pockets and I actually added rivets this time!

I used regular thread for the topstitching and a triple stitch, this really helps be get better results.  Plus I always have  many colors of regular thread choices and few in topstitching.  I went with a pink thread, just thought it was a fun choice against the burgundy.  

For the dawn jeans, I cut a 8 in the hips and 10 in the waist.  I did had just a bit of extra in the waist but they have stretched and are a bit bit in the waist, so a straight 10.  The Dawn jeans have a cutting line for tall option, thanks so much.  I am 5'8", I did add 3 extra inches because I love to wear boots with heels, I did not need the 3 inches, maybe just an inch of it.

The Dawn instructions are great and give you these options.....

Classic high-waisted rigid jean pattern set. Includes four cuts and multiple lengths for tall, regular, and cropped. Pattern features a high rise to sit on the natural waist, button fly, close fit through the waist and hips, and classic jeans details.

View A is a tapered-leg jean. View B is a straight leg jean. View C is a wide leg jean. View D is a jean short.

I do have a long waist so sitting at my natural waist is a bit high but I am okay with this fit and already thinking of my next pair!

I love them paired with my latest sweater


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