Thursday, December 01, 2022

mySewnet - Quick Gift Ideas

The time for giving gifts and if you are like me time is short the month of December.  So with the theme quick gifts, I thought embroidering on paper would be a fun gift.  So these items are not only cute but they are cute.  I had the best time creating these designs in mySewnet

All the frames and the ornament came from Dollar Tree.  It was fun to explore the ornaments and use my imagination to put my own creative touch. 

First let's talk about some tips for embroidering on cardstock.

1.  Use a nice thick cardstock, I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby - just two colors - white and a gold.  A bonus is the back of the gold is a great brown color
2.  I used a 75/11 needle, a 70 would work, too.  I did change my needle one time during the embroidering all these items.  I am not sure it was dull but I wanted to keep a nice smaller size hole in the cardstock
3.  Use a design with fewer number of stitches.  Think outline designs, redwork, simpler the better, less holes in the cardstock.
4.  I used a cutaway stabilizer.


First off, I should have trimmed this a bit better!  In mySewnet I went to the Create tab and then Word Sculpt.  I went with the star shape.  When selecting the font, I went with one that had a running stitch, once again less stitches.  

The following designs were in Superdesign and then I added a font.

For Rudolph, I used the Rudolph Superdesign and added a font.  The nose was not filled in so I modified a music design just to get the dot and moved it into place for the nose

This Joy sign includes to Spirograph designs, you will find those under the Create tab.

Now for the final one, I knew I just had to use this cute mailbox ornament.  I just used a simple font and  centered the font.  I did measure the opening of the mailbox to make sure I made the letter the correct size.  Don't forget under View and then get length.

Check out my You Tube Channel for how-to videos for some of these items


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