Thursday, May 26, 2022

mySewnet Front Yoke Design - Margo Blouse

You all know I love adding embroidery to my garments.  I love starting with an idea and using mySewnet to make the idea a reality.  

mySewnet  is so easy to use and I love how each time I create I learn something new

Here is my design

I used a couple designs from the mySewnet Library the small flower which looks like a + sign and then the larger flower

The rest is from Super Designs and I modified them to get what I wanted.  After I modified, I used Encore and a straight line repeat to fill the frame.

If you notice, I turned the design 180 degrees on my yoke.  I just wasn't loving the floral repeat and how it wasn't quite balanced on my yoke.  Plus, it was just a bit busy.  I like the hint of the flowers near the shoulders.  

I used the Margo Blouse for this project.  I did raise the neckline and then split the back yoke to add an opening with a hook and eye closure. 

The embroidered yoke is just what I had in mind

If you are interested in embroidery take a look at mySewnet and find out how easy it is to create

Disclosure - I am a mySewnet brand ambassador these opinions are mine

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