Sunday, May 29, 2022

Anthena Blouse - Zelouf Fabrics

My second time making this beautiful blouse and my fabric is so perfect for summer and hot!

This is the Anthea Blouse by Anna Allen Patterns and you can read the details about the pattern here 

This time I used a embroidery on cotton from Zelouf Fabrics  here is the link to the fabric  and this one is 414 sky/ivory.  This fabric was purchased with a gift certificate I won from #mymakesfor the month.

I made no changes from the first one and just want to make more after this one.  I have some perfect cream twill for Landers and I think this blouse will look great with those.  I think the Landers will be my next project.

Here is the back

So if you have not made this pattern, check it out, you will love it.  Plus, it goes together so quickly.


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