Monday, March 28, 2022

Style Maker Fabrics Spring Tour - Rayon Fabric

I am so excited to be part of the Style Maker Spring Tour and this year it has a twist.  Each day is focusing on a fabric type

My fabric type is Rayon and Michelle texted me "I have this fabric that is so you!"  She was so right and I love and appreciate that Michelle and her mom, Sharon, know their customers.  Michelle was so right, this is so me!  I love everything about this Floral Patchwork Rayon Crepe, the color, the print and the drape.  I knew when I opened the package, it needed to be a True Bias Roscoe Blouse, the fabric has a 1970's feel and I think the Roscoe does too.

I made one change to this Roscoe, I added 8 inches to the sleeve and straightened the sleeve hem.  I wanted to add shirring to the sleeves and I used this tutorial for shirring and I did five rows  I probably could have gotten by with 7 inches but I just don't like my long sleeves to be too short.

Tip for sewing with this rayon, which is so fabulous, use spray starch!  I really applied the starch to the ties and the neck binding.  Oh, this made my sewing so much easier.  The starch was the perfect addition to keep the ties in place and easy to handle.  

My other suggestions would be to press, lift and press and to put in a new needle, possibly a 70 if your fabric is lightweight.  If this Floral Patchwork isn't your style, don't worry, there are so many other rayons at Style Maker Fabrics

I couldn't be happier with my new blouse.  My pants are the Lander Pants (also True Bias) which I made for a previous Style Maker Fabrics Spring Blog Tour and I think they look great with  the blouse fabric.  You can read all about the fabrics featured last week and this final week of the tour at the Style Maker Fabrics Blog

Thanks, Style Maker Fabrics for invited me on this tour.

Disclaimer - I was gifted this fabric in exchange for a blog post, the opinions are all mine.


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