Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Roscoe Blouse

I had not made Roscoe Blouse in awhile and wanted to make another one from this plaid.

The True Bias Roscoe Blouse is such a fun pattern and really quick to make.  In the past, I have hacked the sleeves and used the peplum hack from the True Bias Blog.  Check out my previous makes, here

This fabric came from LA Finch a couple years ago and I knew it was perfect for the Roscoe.  I love matching plaids and this one was a good one to match.  I found this tutorial from Grainline Studio's blog and use it every time for my plaids

I also like to find some part of the plaid to be the center front and center back.  In this case it was the red stripe in the middle of a plaid section.

I usually taper the Roscoe blouse to slim it down but this time I left it oversized.

I love my new Roscoe and the plaid.  


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