Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Hoodie in June and Lu Fabric

Beautiful fabric and a Pinterest idea leads to a pretty fun and casual outfit.  At least in my opinion.

I need a few more casual outfits in my life.  Something for errands, going to grandkids' sporting events   and most importantly a step up from my old sweats! I really like the look of a puffer vest with a hoodies, like this one from Pinterest    

I am so happy to be an ambassador for June and Lu Fabric and this fabric was gifted to me for the make and the post.  I went with See You at Six Tourmaline Blue French Terry, which I am so sorry to say is sold out and the matching ribbing   There are several other French Terry fabrics at June and Lu I am sure you can find a color you like.  This fabric is amazing, so soft and easy to sew, it recovers beautifully and has a nice weight to the fabric.  Plus it makes me so happy when I can find matching ribbing!  This blue is gorgeous, such a pretty color, great for now and perfect for spring.

I went with Love Notions' La Bella Donna Top  I used the hood, the longer sleeve and long cuff with the bottom band.

I did had 2 inches to the sleeve length and one inch to the long cuffs.  I wished I had added another inch to the sleeve. The sleeves are designed for 3/4 length but I just wasn't crazy about that length for winter.

I made the size Medium and next time will taper to a small at the hips, I don't love the way it flares out.  Also, I will had a couple inches to the bottom band, I think a thicker bottom band would be a great feature on this top.  

The hood is big and dramatic, which I love

I did cover the center seam of the hood with binding, Mike did turn the hood out so you could see this detail and the color shows so well here.

Now for the front hem of the hood, I covered the raw edge with the binding also.  I used my coverstitch machine with the straight stitch on the binding (inside of the hood) and the more decorative looking stitch on the right side of the hood.  I didn't have the exact match of thread so this decorative is more of a light blue, which you can see in this photo.

I did hand baste this into place, so I could stitch in the ditch

I really love this hoodie but even more I love the fabric, it is so good.  

I used one of my Kylie and the Machine labels 

Thank you June and Lu for the opportunity.

Disclaimer - the opinions in this post are all mine and I was gifted this fabric.

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