Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Simplicity 8304 and 9280 - Granddaughter Dresses with Ribbon Embroidery


A few posts ago, I shared how to do the Ribbon Embroidery in mySewnet software and now I have taken those embroidery stitchouts and made them into some beautiful dresses for my three year old granddaughters.

Here is the post on how-to and it is such an amazing detailed.  From the software to the attachment, I love the process.

My first one is the white heart that is a design in the software and I used the ribbon that was already on the ribbon attachment.  I did add the embroidery around the heart for just a bit extra.  I did use a tapestry needle and pull the ribbon to the back at the start and stop point of the embroidery

The pattern is Simplicity 9280 
I made a size 4 for the granddaughters, they are cousins and 2 months apart and best buddies. 

The second dress is the same pattern and I did a different stitch out, I set-up this heart  in mySewnet
and check out my video in this post  and I used a different size and color of ribbon in the attachment

The fabric is the softest cord from Style Maker Fabrics, I purchased 5 yards thinking I would make a Wilder Gown type dress.  I decided I really wouldn't wear that dress that much so I used it for the girls.

One more granddaughter needed a dress, she is 8 months old, I used Simplicity 8304 one of my go-to for under one.

I didn't want to add the ribbon embroidery to her dress, I know she would chew on the ribbon design.  So keep it similar to the others, I used the feature on my Pfaff Creative Icon for the ribbon stitch and it is such a fun look

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  1. They are very cute.

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