Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Mercer Top - Sewing and the City

A fun new top for me, you know how I like my tops.  This one is such a stylish top and I had fun adding a bit of embellishment.

Cynthia of Sewing and the City reached out to me for her Partner program and I agreed, this pattern was gifted to me. Sewing and the City's states Our design mission is to create sewing patterns that have fashion and style - but are still classic wardrobe additions that you’ll wear for years!

The Mercer Top is an edgy and easy-to-sew blouse that will give your wardrobe basics an instant style upgrade with the confidence boosting power shoulder.  The trend of 2021 is the shoulder and the Mercer really shows off the power shoulder, I love this feature.

The Mercer top was so fun to make, the instructions were easy to follow and the top comes together so perfectly.  I made a size 10 with no changes.  I cut it out in a single layer to match the stripes but I made one mistake.  My thought was to cut the flange on the bias for a bit of interest.  At the last minute, I changed my mind.  I should of match the notches of the flange to the body, but in the end I don't think it is too noticeable.

My fabric is from the Selvage Yard of Style Maker Fabrics  but last summer purchase.  I loved this linen blend but thought it needed something, so I went with the only color of rick-rack I had, red!  It was the perfect contrast to the blue and white stripes.  this photo shows how it isn't matched the best but overall I don't feel like it is that noticeable.

I love how Cynthia designed the armhole and the flange, great coverage and easy way to sew.

There is also a long sleeve option, which means this is going to be on my fall/winter sewing plans.

Take a look at this pattern and the other patterns at Sewing and the City.  Cynthia also has a Facebook called Sewing (Slow) Fashion with Christine Lindebak


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