Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Style Maker Fabrics Spring Blog Tour - Floral Jumpsuit and Cropped Sweater

Spring time and boy am I ready!  Flowers blooming, new possibilities and new looks.  This spring for the Style Maker Fabrics' Spring Tour, I wanted a new and different look for me.

Michelle and Sharon have the best selection of  fabric and this spring fabrics for 2021 is so amazing,  head over and take a look, you will have fun planning your new wardrobe.  This year, I had a very hard time deciding what I wanted to make for the tour, the possibilities of beautiful fabric made my decision so hard.  I did know I wanted this Pearl Stripe Cotton Sweater knit

Isn't it beautiful and you know I love my stripes!  I went with the True Bias Marlo Sweater I have been seeing this cropped sweater style on several RTW sites.  

I was all over the place on my second garment, a bias cut slip dress, a tiered dress and then I remembered Cassie's jumpsuit and that got me thinking about a jumpsuit.  Jill's jumpsuit  which she recently posted on Instagram sealed my decision.   I went looking for the Frisco Jumpsuit and found a site that still had the pdf.  Now it was time to decide on my fabric choices.  Michelle sent me three choices of a floral with the amazing Stripe Sweater knit. We both agreed this blue floral was the best choice.

Style Maker Fabrics' Spring Floral Digital Print Rayon Crepe another gorgeous fabric but let me tell you, in person it is even more gorgeous!  This fabric is opaque so works perfectly for this wide leg jumpsuit, take a look with the sun in front of me

Let's start with the Marlo Sweater.

I made a size 4 and added 1-1/2 inches to the body length and and inch to the sleeves.  A nice feature of this pattern, is pattern pieces on the bands for the amount of fabric stretch.  My cotton sweater knit had over 40% stretch and used the appropriate pattern piece for this.  I appreciate the choices on the pattern pieces

This gorgeous sweater knit stitched beautifully and I love how the stripes work, the horizontal for much of the sweater and vertical on the front band.

The front band is interfaced  just interfaced enough for the buttonholes and buttons.  This interfacing is a game changer for the buttonholes, they worked perfectly.  What is it about buttonholes that make us hold our breathe?

This sweater is oversized, so make your sizing choice with this in mind.  I love how the casual sweater works with my more dressy jumpsuit, fits my style.

Notice my back neckband?  Well, I forgot to add the length to the neckband and so had to do it this way.  That is what I get for cutting part one night and part the other night.  I think it worked out fine but wanted to point it out.

Plus a sweater like this is perfect for those indoor situations that are just require a sweater to be comfortable

Now let's talk about my beautiful cornflower blue floral, oh I love this fabric.  Blue is my favorite color and this cornflower background just makes the flowers pop. 

 Some of my adjustments for this pattern

 - I added one inch to the bodice
 - added a couple of inches to the pant portion of the jumpsuit
- the pattern calls for a d-rings for the buckles of the ties - I just made my ties the same length on each side and then made a knot for the closure.  The rayon crepe is lightweight and the d-rings would have been too heavy
 - I interfaced the straps with a lightweight interfacing, I felt like the crepe needed a bit of body for this aread
- I interfaced the ties for the same above reason
- Now for the straps - I don't do it the neatest way as instructed, I enclosed the straps in front neatly in the band and band facing.  Now the back, I do not.  I wait until I have my garment finished and then put the straps right where I need them.  I felt this was the best way on this jumpsuit to get good strap placement.  On this jumpsuit you cannot get a true idea of fit and strap placement until you are done.  There is elastic in the back band and at the waist, without having the elastic in place you have no idea of fit.

A couple more photos of this jumpsuit and yes, it has pockets!

and it even looks cute when the wind is blowing the pant legs to look like skinny pants!  

A few more photos with the cardigan and jumpsuit together

I am proud of myself for trying something new and I love this jumpsuit, I will wear it often.  The cardigan is more my tried and true look and you know I will wear this so very much.

Please follow along for the 13 days of spring inspiration

I was gifted this fabric for the tour and my blog post - all opinions are mine.


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