Monday, January 11, 2021

Nova Raglan - Gift Sewing

Oldest daughter and last gift for Christmas 2020 

This sweatshirt was inspired by a shopping trip, which was being worn by the store employee.  I looked all over the the store but no sweatshirt to be found.  I just kept looking and looking at her top, trying to memorize the details.  Main point was using the wrong side of sweatshirt fleece.  The top also had some wrong side at the hem.  I couldn't get a good look at the hem, so I omitted that part.  Also, some flat drawstring, used at the shoulder seams and tied a bit.  I loved that detail but not a good enough look to implement it.

So this went with my own plan...... I had made Paige the Nova Raglan last year so I knew that one fit just right.  My fabric is from Raspberry Creek and this french terry had the perfect wrong side for the inspired look.

I pieced the sleeves, just like the inspiration shirt.

The wrong side needed to be in one more spot, the cowl neck seemed like the best place.  I made the cowl with one right side and one wrong side.

Then the last detail a split hem detail, no bottom band.  I measured the top pattern and the band, then added a few inches for the turn up hem.  I wanted it a bit longer and a bit slimmer, for leggings and skinny jeans.

Paige loved her top and sent me a photo when they got home from Christmas at our house.  It fits nicely, I might have made it a bit smaller.