Thursday, May 21, 2020

True Bias Post - Landers and Rio Ringer Tee

You all know I love my Landers  and I decided summer wouldn't be complete without a white pair.
 Then Kelli came out with the Rio Ringer Tee pattern and it soon became the perfect summer outfit

The white fabric I purchased at Sew Expo, a white denim from Dry Goods. I loved finding it at Expo, I could check out the weight and see the opaque factor,  This denim is good, not too heavy for summer but has some weight.  I believe this is the same denim

One reason I love the Landers so, is I have the fit down.  I have taken about 1/2" out of the rise and I know the length I like.  Finally, I wrote that length down on my pattern, keeps me from going to my closet each time and measuring a pair.  I had jean buttons on hand, a bright silver and a gold.  I posted it on IG stories and the silver won.  Good choice and thanks for the help.

I lined my Lander pockets with muslin wanted to use a color that would have no see-through factor.  There isn't really anything else to say about my Landers other than if you haven't tried them, DO!

Now to the new release by True Bias, the Rio Ringer Tee, I love the retro look and bought it mainly for this fabric.  The fabric is from Style Maker and I saw it in person at Expo, Lindsey (Inside the Hem) said it looked just like me.  I resisted but when the Ringer came out, I knew Lindsey was right and I ordered the Variegated Rainbow Stripe Jersey Stripe. just for this pattern.  I had white ribbing at home and went with that. Thanks, Lindsey, you know my style!

After seeing Kelli's amazing stripe matching (check out this blog post for two versions), I tried very hard to match my stripes

Lots of pins were used and I basted the sleeve first, it did take several tries but was so worth it.  The Rio sews  very quickly unless you are using a stripe!  I made a size 14 and I am pleased with the fit, I didn't want it too tight and I am good with this shape and style.

This is one of May's Sew My Style patterns and this will be my first time to participate.  I will post this top again at the end of May on Instagram to be part of the fun.

Just one word of advice, be careful how to tuck in your stripe Rio or you will get some funny waves in your stripes.... see how I dipped it down at the belt line and then it continues all the way up.

Can I pretend I am walking to the car to attend an outdoor concert or some other fun event?


  1. Very pretty Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love that look on you. And your stripe matching looks amazing. Lindsey is right! It is so you. Miss seeing your furry cutie pie in the pics! Stay safe.

    1. Thanks! I have pics coming up with my furry partner

  3. Great outfit! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to measure former makes - finally I wrote my preferred finished Ogden strap length on the pattern piece (just one offender). I still haven't marked my jeans back pocket piece, though, and I always forget which edge should be nearer the center!

    1. I really need to be better about notes on my patterns, it would save so much time! Thanks

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