Monday, May 11, 2020

Roscoe Blouse with Ruffle and Puff Sleeves

When I was at Maker's Hideway in February, I had an opportunity to shop the fabric at Style Maker Fabrics.  It was so fun!  I knew these two fabrics were going to be a Roscoe Blouse

Kelli posted a tutorial recently, Roscoe Puff Sleeve and Cropped Ruffle Hack and it was perfect for my plans.  I didn't cut off the the body as much as Kelli recommended and I took off the ruffle and shortened more.  Kelli recommends sizing down, I might have wished I went down one more but it will be fine.

I have made the  Roscoe several times and two of them I did sleeve hacks, so the sleeves are fun to change up.

This was a fun one to sew and will be fun to wear, thanks Kelli for a great hack and tutorial.  Sorry to say this fabric is sold out.

I am loving to use all the fabric and have been sewing so much for my granddaughters.  So I made a couple of shirts for them.


  1. Like you I love Stylemaker fabrics and order several rayon challis cuts from them frequently. I also love your latest top and matching tops for your granddaughters. Karen


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