Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Buffalo Check Linen Scout Tee

I have been sewing quite a bit this summer, I am loving all my new garments.

It has been a perfect summer, lots of family time, pool time, time in my flowers and sewing!  I have been sewing a mix of harder garments and quick and easy garments.  This post is an easy garment.

The Scout Tee by Grainline Studio for quick and for the win.  I love how it sews and fits.

The fabric is Mood Fabrics' Buffalo Check Linen Scrim. I was not familiar with scrim, it is soft but has some crispness with a loose weave.  It says dry clean but I have washed my twice and all is good.  One of those washings is prewashing.

I am not sure my choice of pattern is the best, the loose weave doesn't hold the stitches the best.  I feel like the stitches were pulling at the seams and a few seams, I stitched twice.  I think a very loose garment would have been a better choice for my fabric but I really like this Scout Tee.  My trade-off will be the life of the garment.  It might wear a long time or might just fall apart, I am not sure.

I used some Picot Elastic for the neckline, it worked nicely and gave a bit of detail to the neckline.

You know how I love gingham and this Buffalo Check is just an oversize gingham, so you know it is a favorite.

I do think this will be great now for the hot August days but will be great under a cardigan for fall, too.


  1. I hope it lasts a long time for you as it is really cute. I made a dress a long time ago with a loose weave and the seams just pulled apart. I wonder if you sew some stay tape if that would help?

    1. I hope so, too Vicki and your suggestion is a good one, I might have to try it. Thanks