Friday, August 30, 2019

Sew Your View - August 2019 - McCall's 7930

I always enjoy participating in Sew Monica's Sew Your View Monthly Instagram sewalong.  I do pick and choose which ones I want to sew, it needs to be my style.  August 2019 pattern is one I like, fun with a bit Boho Chic. 

What is Sew Your View?  Read all about it here.  The pattern for August, McCall's 7930Loose-fitting pullover tops and tunics have neck band, slash front, sleeve inset and sleeve, fabric, length and trim variations.

I went with a fall colored linen, Style Maker Fabrics' Soft Washed Linen Shirting - Solid Orchid and i love this color and the fabric

My initial thought was decorative stitches and embroidery for the front band and sleeve insets.  The most important part of this is to practice on the fabric.  Here is my practice piece with different stitches and different thread colors.  After all the practice I decided to use one color, so it is a bit of tone on tone and I went with just decorative stitches.  I used Sulky Thread 943 1111 thread for my stitches

I went with this stitch for the middle and then stitch #12 from the same menu for either side of the middle stitch, just the presser foot away.

The sleeve inset is horizontal placement, marking every two inches for the center stitch.

For the middle inset, I did it on the 45 degrees, every two inches.

Once I had one side cut, I placed it on some fabric and marked the center marks, this way I knew I would match at the "chevron" effect. 

I love how this turned out and I think it is important to remember the power of the decorative stitches.  You can make your own fabric!  If you don't have lots of decorative stitches, remember you can change the width and length to change how these stitches look.  Just play!

I added 1 inch to the bodice of the pattern but I forgot the front inset, so I took off that inch.  I am happy where the bodice  hits on me.  I did add 1 inch to the lower front and back, so happy I did.  Probably should of added 2-3 inches.  I will have to wear this with very high-waisted (mom jeans) which is fine but still be careful not to raise my hands in the air!  This photo demonstrates that short front.

The construction is excellent and it went together so smoothly.  I did angle the neckband too much but they are equal so it is all okay.  I need to mark that seam in the future so I keep it straight.

For the sleeve inset, I used a bit of leftover fabric and lined that inset about 4 inches up.  I didn't want the wrong side of the decorative stitches and the stabilizer to show.  I just placed it on the back of the inset and then treated it as one.

I so enjoy seeing all the interpretations of the patterns and appreciate Monica's work.  All my photos had to be taken on my front porch, it started pouring right when I got home from work.  I tried different spots, found some good light.  This one isn't good light but had to include Junior!

Come sew along in September - I am the host and we are sewing Vogue 1643 for September Sew Your View.  Isn't it beautiful!


  1. I just love your blouse and your modifications. Thank you for participating!!!

    1. Thanks so much, it was a great pattern to sew and embellish.

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