Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Pfaff Creative Icon Decorative Stitch on the WIllow Top

Here is that beautiful detail of the extra wide seam on the Willow Top from Fresh Press Patterns

I wanted to highlight this detail on my solid fabric and went to work with designing something special with my Pfaff Creative Icon

I tend to go through all the decorative stitches, looking at possibilities and actually sewing out a few.

I went with this stitch and the only change I had to do was mirror the image for the right side of the back seam.  The mirror button is the one I circled.

Here is how it stitched out, just beautiful.  

Now the important part is to keep the presser foot lined up with a mark.  In this instance it is the fold, which I kept lined up with the line on the presser foot.  See arrow.

I used a layer of tear away stabilizer under this stitch out.  One thing I have found is to use the start/stop button and let the machine do the work. All I do is guide the fabric, keeping that line on the fold.

Now to the other side, just press the mirror button and we are back to how the stitch comes loaded on the Pfaff Creative Icon.  The rest is the same....Start/stop button, line on presser foot and stabilizer..

There is one really important item to keep the stitches the same on each side.  It is simple as pushing a button, this button

This button is located at the top of the machine

Are you wondering why this button is important?  Well, it starts the stitches at the very first stitch, so this means both sides will be lined up.  The green cross hatch shows the very first stitch.  With this knowledge, you can look at one side and line up the other side.

Here you go with the even stitches

One final step and my decorative stitches are complete

I added the bar tack at the end of the opening to add some strength to the bottom of the seam.  I love this bar tack, the first stitch is right in the middle!  A perfect way to get this stitch just right.  This stitch is found in the bar tack menu.

Here is the bias binding on this Willow Top, a wonderful detail from the pattern.

I wanted to add something to this top and also wanted it to showcase the wide center back seam.


  1. Nice work! I love how you show exactly how this detail is done. Karen

  2. What a great feature on your top! Thanks for the tutorial.