Thursday, April 04, 2019

Basic Floral Tops - Wardrobe

Coram tops and 5 point blouse in floral fabrics

I have been thinking about my wardrobe lately, especially when I walk into my closet and feel like I have nothing to wear.   So I need to fix that and here is my first step, some floral tops. Great by themselves and great layering

First up the Coram Top by Allie Olson, I really love this top, a dart for shaping. This fabric is
 Sewing Studio's Voile, (taupe is only color available. 

Coram top fabric from Sewing Studio - side view

This pattern has a high-low hem and I am over that right now.  So I evened up the hems, here is the side view, just a bit longer in the back.
Coram top fabric from Sewing Studio - side view

I thought this gold voile would go great with my gray-white Morris Blazer and it does.  I like it untucked better but the photos didn't turn out.  It does look with this Morris.

Coram top with stripe Morris

Also, found another blazer, my Bellatrix Blazer

Coram top with Bellatrix blazer

Next up is this Red Clay Crepe fabric from Sewing Studio also

Coram Top from Sewing Studio rayon Crepe

I forgot to adjust the back length, I probably won't fix it but this will be okay.
Coram Top from Sewing Studio rayon Crepe

It looks really good with the gray-white Morris
Coram top with stripe Morris blazer

Another option, my Blackwood Cardigan
Coram Blouse with Blackwood Cardigan

Coram blouse with Bellatrix blazer

Third and last for this post, my 5 Point Blouse  minus the zipper
5 point blouse from Mood Fabrics' voile

This fabric is Mood Fabrics' Voile, which is a bit stiffer, more like a quilting cotton.  The colors are beautiful and really went with several things

Another stripe Morris
5 point blouse with Morris Blazer

The Blackwood
5 point blouse with Blackwood Cardigna

I am loving all my options these three tops give me.  I will be loving wearing these and can't wait to see what other possibilities I can find in my closet.

I am trying to use my scraps from projects, best way is for my granddaughters

This dress is Shwin Designs' Studio Top and Dress

Schwin Designs Top and Dress

This top Simplicity 8562
Simplicity 8562 with voile


  1. Wow, these floral tops are great additions to your wardrobe! You’re inspiring me to pull my Morris blazers out and see what I can come up with to make them more versatile. Love the little mustard colored dress too...!!

  2. Love all three tops! They look wonderful. And that little baby mannequin is the cutest thing ever!