Monday, March 11, 2019

5 Point Blouse

5 points blouse from Sew News

Jennifer of Peppermint Creek reached out and asked if I would make this beautiful blouse and review it on my blog.  I was happy to do it and it reminded me of a RTW blouse that I always liked.

5 points blouse from Sew News

This 5 Point Blouse is available at Sew News for a download.  The fabric is used has been in my collection for a couple of years, it is a Tencel Twill from Indie Sew and has a beautiful drape. 

I used a heavier interfacing, SF-101 (Pellon) to stabilize the zipper.  It is a heavier zipper and this
SF-101 was perfect for keeping the shape of the front of the top. 

5 points blouse from Sew News - zipper front

Unfortunately, the pattern has some drafting issues and Sew News is aware of issue and going to have the pattern redrafted and re-publish with the corrections.

Here is what you need to know

There are missing borders on the pdf pattern.

The notches on the front and back shoulder are switched (the shoulder yoke is correct).

The arm band (sleeve) is a bit too small.

The finished measurements are about 1" too big and the length measurement is about 2" to long (the bust is correct).

 The neckline is a bit low, so if you're not into that you may want to bring it up a bit.

5 points blouse from Sew News - side view

I cut my blouse about 1/2 a size larger, did not add length but I did raise the neckline about a 1/2 inch.

The armbands I did not cut until I was ready to use them and then I did cut per measuring.

5 points blouse from Sew News- back

This blouse works great for layering and it will be the first of many I make.  I love this shape and fit.

5 points blouse from Sew News

So if you can work with the information provided, this top works just perfectly.
5 points blouse from Sew News


  1. Love it .The zipper makes the top

    1. I love the zipper, too, Kay.

  2. Yes, the zipper adds so much. Lori, this is a lovely color on you! Karen

    1. Thanks, Kim, I made one without the zipper and it just is a blouse but the zipper really makes it fun.

  3. Love this top. (Thanks for the link!)