Friday, March 02, 2018

Toaster Sweater in a Chunky Knit

 I made another Toaster Sweater, one to brighten up my winter closet for the hopefully just a very few more cold days we will have. The House 7 Toaster Sweater in Mood Fabrics' Mauve Cotton Chunky Rib Knit. This was a great fabric-pattern combination and I love the chunky feel of the sweater knit. I feel like I should be in a ski lodge by the fireplace with a hot chocolate.

  The fabric as stated on the Mood site "Over-sized and ultra cozy pieces are what we see in this Mauve Cotton Chunky Rib Knit's future! The soft and textured chunky knit is given a faded mauve color that adds a vintage vibe to your look. From slouchy turtlenecks to wide-sleeved pullovers, it has a relaxed drape that is ideal for soft silhouettes. A 4-way stretch adds even more comfort to your piece."   The fabric does have the faded look and I love that vintage feel.

  One thing do note, this fabric is all cotton and does not have much recovery. This is most noticeable on the bottom band stitching, where it is attached to the body of the sweater. I adjusted the differential on the serger but guess who forgot to adjust the differential on her coverstitch machine? Yep, me! So do as I say and not as I do. Remember to adjust both if you are using two different machines. Is there a knit garment that you love to make? One that is great for a transistion piece? I know I just love sewing knits and I really love that we have great knits available to the home sewist.    

I am disappointed in the wavy fabric at the body to the hem band but not enough disappointed not to wear this garment.  I am going to call it a design feature!


  1. The color is beautiful on you! I have a top like this and I call it the top I wear when I want to look cute but wear a sweatshirt at the same time. Is there anything as comforting as a sweatshirt?!

  2. Beautiful Toaster! I agree this was a perfect combination of pattern to fabric.

  3. Oh I love this! The color is perfect and the bottom rippling doesn't even bother me. Nice work.

  4. Well I like your design feature.

  5. Oh I love this! The color is perfect and the bottom rippling doesn't even bother me. Nice work.
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