Thursday, December 28, 2017

Butterick 6175 in Style Maker Fabrics' Sequins

Butterick 6175  from Style Maker Fabrics' Sequin Knit

This is my top for New Year's Eve, beautiful sequins to ring in the New Year.  I am so proud of myself to have this completed several days before the day!

Now for a better photo of the top, without all the snowflakes coming down. 
Butterick 6175  from Style Maker Fabrics' Sequin Knit

The fabric is Style Maker Fabrics' Square Sequin Jersey Knit and it is goooorgeous!  I used
Butterick 6175 for the top, eliminating the dart.  I really didn't think the dart would be the best choice for the sequin fabric, it was a good decision.  One thing about Butterick 6175, it is a great basic top with wonderful style but it has a dowdy ( unfashionable and without style in appearance)  front cover.  How many people have just passed that one by?  I was one of those until Meg at McCall's Patterns, posted a fashion inspiration post on Instagram a couple of years ago.

I have used this pattern for three  garments and wore the navy one until the color was just too faded.  The only one I didn't wear much was the quilted black one, it was just so hot, I couldn't stand to wear it!  LOL.  I do add several inches to the length, I think 5 inches for this garment. 

Now back to the sequins.  I went with zipper for the back closing, I wanted something more than a loop and button.  This photo really shows the sequin fabric.
Butterick 6175  from Style Maker Fabrics' Sequin Knit- zipper

Now to finish the edges, I used the selvage of the fabric, a nice neutral and I had just enough to bind all the edges.
Butterick 6175  from Style Maker Fabrics' Sequin Knit - binding from knit selvage for knit, sleeves and hem

I used a 3/8" seam for the neck and sleeve binding, turning it under and hand stitching in place.  The hem, I used a 5/8" seam allowance, I just wanted a bit wider binding for a statement.

Butterick 6175  from Style Maker Fabrics' Sequin Knit - in the snow

I did not finish the seams at all except for the armscye seams, the sequins were just too scratchy.  I used some knit in my stash to bind those seam allowances.

My shoulder seams are pressed to the back (used a pressing cloth) and then I topstitched at 1/4" from the seam.

Butterick 6175  from Style Maker Fabrics' Sequin Knit - side view

I went with this Butterick pattern because of the wider sleeve choice and the longer sleeves,  Our New Year's Eve party is at a location we go to almost every year.  It is pretty drafty at times, I wanted to be stylish but not cold.  The  elbow length sleeves are a better choice than a sleeveless garment for warmth and comfort.  Sleeveless in my mind is just New Year's Eve but I really dislike being cold!

Butterick 6175  from Style Maker Fabrics' Sequin Knit

I say that but I went out in the snow to take photos for the blog!  That lasted about 10 minutes and I was done!  

I love my new top, perfect for New Year's Eve or another festive occasion but I think it will be fun with jeans and booties for a movie night with hubby!

What would you make with this sequin fabric?


  1. What a fabulous top that can be used for so many occasions! I love the look of the fabric. I would also make a top in fabric like that or maybe an above knee pencil skirt to wear on date nights.

  2. I love those square sequins! Great make.

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