Monday, November 27, 2017

New Look 6530 - Ponte and Stripe Knit

New Look 6530 from Mood Fabrics' pique knit

Recognize this fabric?  I am guessing yes, as this is the third garment I have made from some of this fabric.

New Look 6530 from Mood Fabrics' pique knit

First off was Vogue 9227 with the stripe knit playing the lead.

Next was a Blackwood Cargdigan in the pique only.  Now I had just had a bit of the stripe left and not enough of the pique for sleeves.  I looked through my patterns and knew the one. 
New Look 6530 would work for my limited yardage.  I did have to use the stripe for the armhole facings.

New Look 6530 from Mood Fabrics' pique knit - back

I have made this once before  and it was a bit big, so I went down to a size 12, much better.

New Look 6530 from Mood Fabrics' pique knit

I have plans for a gray sweater knit in a  Blackwood Cardigan, which will be perfect topper for this garment.

I am happy to say, I have used all this fabric but the happiest part is I have three really good garments!

New Look 6530 bottom band


  1. Cute top with creative detail. Well done!

  2. Love the "added interest" detail!

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