Monday, July 17, 2017

Vogue 9260 - Jumpsuit Turned Top

Vogue 9260 jumpsuit made into a top only

Sometimes things don't turn out like the picture in your head.  This top that was a jumpsuit is just that type of picture.

I bought Vogue 9260 with the intention of making myself a fun jumpsuit.  My main problem is making a size too big, I went with a Medium and should of done a small.

Just take a look at the oversize look.  I was very disappointed on this look but I wasn't going to give up. 

This rayon challis from Fabric Mart is really nice and I wanted to have a successful garment from this fabric.

I went to cutting off the pants.  I cut it just above the crotch curve, took out the waist elastic and tapered the side seams.

Close up you can see the waist seam but I do think this busy fabric helps to hide this.
Vogue 9260 jumpsuit made into a top only

I did raise the front neckline by 2 inches and could have raised it another 2 inches.

Vogue 9260 jumpsuit made into a top only - side view

Another thing to note, you might want to have fabric that looks the same on the right and wrong side for this open sleeves.

Vogue 9260 jumpsuit made into a top only- back view

This might not have been what I pictured in my head but I do really like my rescued garment and it is fun to wear.

Vogue 9260 jumpsuit made into a top only

In recap:

1. Go a size smaller
2.  Raise the neckline 
3.  Wrong side of the fabric is going to show in the sleeve slits.

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  1. Great save! I definitely like garment #2 the best. It looks really nice on you.

  2. Wandered over here from Instagram! Love the save. I wasn't sure about those sleeves from the pattern, but I'm really liking your top!

  3. I agree - great save!

  4. I like your new blouse very much, and it is all the more delicious, knowing that you created it from a truly failed jumpsuit. I like the newly raised neckline. Although you appear to be on the verge of sporting cleavage, it is low enough to be provocative, but high enough to maintain your modesty. Well done!

  5. Great save ! I love,love,love those sleeves

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