Monday, October 19, 2015

Marianne Top from Indiesew

Indie Sew Marrianne Dress made in tunic length

Fall is a bit in the air here in Missouri but is temperamental.  Here one day and then gone the next, letting summer back in.  That's okay, I am going to be prepared, plus I am sick of wearing my summer clothes.  Anyone else tired of their summer clothes/

I downloaded Christine Hayes' Marianne Dress from Indiesew in August with every intention of getting it made before now.  It was not procrastinating at all,  but it was finding the right fabric.  I finally found just what I wanted, a buffalo plaid from Girl Charlee and a natural spandex

Indie Sew Marrianne Dress made in tunic length

Once again, I didn't want a dress but had seen others who made it into a top/tunic.  That was just what I wanted.  My pattern alteration was easy, using the lengthen/shorten line, I shortened 8 inches.  

The sizing is spot on - I used a 12 at the bust and 10 at the waist and hips, per the sizing chart.  I did taper it a bit more at the waist and hips.

Indie Sew Marrianne Dress made in tunic length

The sleeves were the right length but I narrowed  them a bit and adjusted the cuff to match.  I don't mind the looser cuff but if you prefer a tighter cuff, you might want to eliminate more width.  I went with black buttons for the contrast.

Indie Sew Marrianne Dress made in tunic length and showing cuff details

Close up of the cuff, it is sometimes quite hard to get detail shots with a tripod and remote!

Indie Sew Marrianne Dress made in tunic length and showing cuff details

The instructions are fabulous and detailed with very helpful illustrations.  I think this pattern is one you could really change up every time you make it
1.  Eliminate the cuff
2. Make the cuff match the sleeve fabric
3.  Add a coordinating neck band
4. eliminate the sleeves and have cap sleeves.
5.  Add some buttons or a band in the yoke for detailing
6. Add more colorblocking for a dress length
7.  It would be a great maxi dress
8. Add piping between the yoke and tunic part
9.  Add darts for a more fitted look
10.. Side slits

There you go a Top 10 list for ideas.  The Marianne Dress is drafted beautifully and really gives you such a nice basis for the dress.  You can take that pattern and really make it individually your own.  I am so happy I added this pattern to my collection, even if it took me 2 months to make it!  Once I did get the fabric figured out, it almost took me longer to cut it out than sew it.  Matching the plaid at the side seams and the sleeves, made for careful layout and cutting.  The sewing is straight forward and fast.  I did all of this on my serger.

Indie Sew Marrianne Dress made in tunic length, this is back view.

I can't ignore my friend, he is always patient while I take pictures.  When I am finished he is ready for some fun.

 Disclosure - I was provided the pattern as a part of the Indiesew blogger team  but the opinions are all mine. 

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  1. That is a really cute, top. Great job on it! I am also very tired of my summer clothes, and luckily it is cold here. I have already taken out most of my winter clothes.

    1. Thank you, Stacy. I am really tired of my summer clothes and next week it is suppose to by 50 and hopefully rain.

  2. Yes I was tired of my summer clothes too, however this morning was a chilly 34 degrees so I was able to wear a but warmer clothing. In fact a nice warm coat to walk the dog this morning!

    1. That would be a nice brisk walk. We are still having temps up to 80!