Monday, March 30, 2015

The Jakelyn Quilt

On August 1st, Kailtyn will be marrying Jake and there is much happiness and wedding preparation around here.  I asked them if they wanted a quilt and the answer was yes!  They both like a more rustic decorating style with western flair mixed in.  Browns, blues, blacks and creams seem the  way to go.
Fireworks pattern in the Strip Savvy book used to make a lap quilt from Sweetwater fabric
The fabric I went with is Sweetwater's Elementary (by Moda) 
which you might recognize from this bag, which I have made 2 (one for Erin and one for Kaitlyn)
.  Kaitlyn is majoring in Math Education and will be certified 5th to 12th grade.  This number inspired fabric seemed like the perfect choice.

Close up on quilting design for sweetwater fabric line

Fireworks pattern available in Strip Savvy book

 The pattern is  Fireworks from Martingale Strip Savvy book, which is a great book dedicated to jelly roll precuts (2-1/2" strips)
Lap quilt from Sweetwater's Elementary Fabric line by Moda using a jelly roll and a pattern from Strip Savvy book.

Now to the name of the quilt, do you ever say a name too quickly and it comes out wrong?  Well, a couple of days after these two were engaged they came over for Erin's birthday party.  The little guy and I were playing and I heard the door.  I jumped up and said to him, "Jakelyn and Kake are here, let's go see them."  They heard me and we all got a chuckle out of Jakelyn.  Well, it just seemed the perfect thing to call their quilt, a combination of their names.  I have embroidered a quilt label for the back of this quilt with "The Jakelyn quilt" , along with their names, the wedding date and my name.  This is something I really need to get in the habit of doing for every quilt.  

Elementary by Sweetwater jelly roll used to make lap quilt

I had purchased 2 jelly rolls thinking the engaged couple would want a queen to king size quilt.  No, they just really wanted a lap quilt, so I have an extra jelly roll to give away along with the scraps from this quilt.  Anyone interested?  If so leave a comment about something silly you have said and I will draw the winner on April 4th.

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  1. My word this is beautiful, Lori! Congratulations to Jake and Kailtyn :)

  2. Gorgeous quilt and love the funny name for it! We have all sorts of "inside joke" names for things. It's funny how things stick. Two of my favorites are we still call bathing suits "baby soups" and the TV remote "the rope". All courtesy of names the kids said when they were little. Miss those days of cuteness coming out of their mouths every other word. :)

  3. Beautiful Quilt! My girls usually find something funny about things I say - one that comes to mind is Toyota Rav-4 I thought it was Rav-A that's a big one. This from two girls the went to Pretty School instead of Pre-School LOL

  4. This is beautiful. Please pick me.

  5. What a lovely quilt! Of course, I can't think right off hand of anything silly that I've said, but if you asked my kids they would say that everything I say is silly! Congratulations to Jakelyn and Kake!

  6. Instead of saying happy birthday, I said happy bursday...

  7. These names make for the most memorable of gifts. The quilt is pretty.

  8. I say funny things all the time...Can't even remember. Sometimes I say things with a weird accent. Anyway, what a pretty quilt!

  9. Colors bring back my youth in the seventies. Looks great.

  10. I love the neutrals with the pop of blue Beautiful work, Lori! And best wishes to the new bride and groom to be!