Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Fashion Inspiration - 17

Ready for another week?  I am thinking dresses again, they seem to be a good transition piece from season to season.  Add a cardigan or jacket with boots and seem more winter.  Drop the layers and add a fun shoe, then you get a spring vibe.
Let's start with this wrap maxi from Diane von Furstenberg via Neiman Marcus
I have featured a wrap dress before but the maxi length really changes up the look, don't you think?
Here is a great one - Butterick 5847 - but hurry it is on clearance

How about this pretty floral St. John also from Neiman Marcus

This McCall's 6986 looks pretty close

This pretty dress is from Dillard's

Add a little piping or waist detail and change the neckline if you want and this 

Another fun one from Dillard's and I love a good stripe fabric anytime

And last but not least this cute dress also from Dillard's 

I had plans to put this up last Friday and took my tablet to California to finish the post.  Well, between having fun and the wi-fi not working the best Thursday night, the post never was completed.  One week late but still great looks and patterns.  Has anyone made anything from these posts?  Have you purchased a pattern after seeing it here on Friday Fashion Inspiration?

Have a great weekend, hope you have lots of sewing planned.

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  1. After reading your inspiration posts, I always have fun thinking about new sewing projects. I have purchased several patterns from these posts. This is a busy time of the year for me so the sewing will have to wait for a few weeks. Have a great weekend!

  2. I don't wear many dresses, however I do love a maxi dress in the summer they are so comfortable!! I have a new summer maxi on my list for spring/summer sewing.

  3. Hi Lori,
    I enjoy these posts and have added many ideas to my inspiration board. There's a grey coat with turquoise facings that I'm going to work on in the coming weeks. I appreciate the time and effort you put into bringing us this weekly posts.

  4. I really enjoy these posts too.

  5. I have pinned a number of the patterns to purchase. Right now I have a few things that are on my list to get completed before I can start something new.

  6. I definitely find it inspiring. It gets the wheels turning so that I can think about how to use the patterns I have to recreate RTW looks that I like.

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