Monday, December 15, 2014

Ginger Jeans for Me

I purchased Closet Case' Ginger Jeans right after it was released.

Finally last week I had time to make these jeans, using some Theory stretch twill from Mood Fabrics (sold out now).

I am so happy with the fit of these jeans, especially for the first time out.

I used the stovepipe leg but will do a skinny leg for the next 2 pairs.  I apologize for the lack of the lower leg in the photos, I had the camera zoomed in too much.

Any suggestions here?  for these lines in back?

I cut a size 10 in this pattern but at the hip and waist I cut between a 10 and 12.  I really don't need to change a thing with this sizing.

Changes I have made to the pattern for my next pair, which I am heading to cut out after finishing this blogpost.

  • Added 1" to the rise in the front, these are just a bit too low
  • Added 1" at the side seams at the back rise, tapering to 1-1/2" at the center back
  • Going to use the skinny legs for future pairs
  • I put a small dart at the center front just below the zipper, I had a bit too much fabric there.

You can look at this blogpost, I discussed what I was going to change in detail

A couple of detail shots
inside waistband

Front waistband and pocket

I love these jeans,  my girls kept saying these jeans fit you so good mom.  Thanks for such a great pattern, Closet Case Files

My camera and I are going to have a meeting during my Christmas break from work.  Everything is so dark on my pictures, I need to brush up on my manual settings.


  1. Nice jeans! Sorry can't help with what do with the lines. I don't sew pants/jeans and thus have no experience to share.

  2. Very nice jeans. I love the color and the details. Looking at the wrinkles, my mother-in-law always says that the wrinkles point to the problem. I also checked my Judith Rasband fitting book, and if I am reading the wrinkles right (no guarantee in that) it is thigh fullness that is causing the wrinkles. Judith's analysis is that the fabric pulls taut across the front surface of the upper thigh and cups under the buttocks. The side seam curves toward the front. If that is what is going on the change required is to widen the midfront areas. I am certainly not a fitting expert, so not sure if I am reading the photos right.

  3. Looks good! Perfect fit always is a trial and error game for me. If the thigh adjustment doesn't work, try lengthening the crotch at the back with a dart at center back tapering to nothing at the side seam. It looks like a crotch problem to me. A short crotch length can create those winkles under the butt. The Ginger jean pattern is on my cutting table. I'm trying to finish the test pair around Xmas prep. Can hardly wait!!

  4. Turned out great! you certainly did get a good fit with this pattern.

  5. Its difficult to tell in your photos but it looks like the same problem I have with pants. I think it is a front thigh problem.Not only is the thigh area pulling forward but further up on the hip the side seam is pulling towards the back. On my pants I pull up the back to get the side seam straight which gets rid of the back wrinkles and then take out a wedge in the front hip or put in a dart at the front. For me widening the midfront section does wierd things to the look of the pants.

  6. You are really inspiring me to get on with my jeans sewing! I love the way your finishing touches of the buttons and topstitching look :-)

  7. I'm not seeing the side seam pulling to the front in your pics. Perhaps a flat-seat adjustment? Pin out the wrinkles via a horizontal fish-eye dart and see how the fit is when you are standing and sitting. If it works, you can fold out that width at the dart and add it back at the bottom of the leg (Kenneth King's method). You'll know if this is going to work or not when you try to sit with the excess pinned. If it's not comfortable, it may be the wrong adjustment.

  8. Anonymous2:40 PM

    These are really gorgeous and fit you so well! Amazing work!!!

  9. Lovely!!!!!

    You make a great visual case for buying this pattern and sewing these right away.

  10. Anonymous6:27 AM

    your topstitching looks AWESOME! so professional

  11. These look terrific! And I live the snap detail.... I'll have to try that!