Sunday, January 05, 2014

Cooper Bag

Frigid temperatures and blowing snow are a great combination for staying home and spending the day in my sewing room.  I finished up a couple of projects and then went to work on my next Mood Sewing Network project.  That project is Cooper by Colette Patterns

source - Colette Patterns

My fabric for the main is this canvas, Beige/Silver Sparkle Canvas

Colette Patterns had a sewalong for this pattern a month ago.  Their tutorials and sewalongs are excellent, so if you are planning to make this bag make sure you use this resource.

They also have a resource page where to find items needed to make this bag.  I really appreciated this, especially for the hardware.

I purchased this cute little kit

from Gifts for Crafters but it looks like the online store isn't open currently.  That is such a disappointment, this little kit was convienent and reasonable, plus look at that packaging!

I did purchase The Cooper Companion for $9- a bargain for 130 pages of great information and tutorials on construction.  It has extras, like self-fabric handles, which by the way I am doing.

My one tip if you are using a faux leather, leather or probably even the was canvas - use a teflon or non-stick foot.  It makes an incredible difference.

I will take some pictures of the bag tomorrow, need some sunlight.

One finally thing, I love this bag and I see another one in my future.  Meredith and Kaitlyn are both laying claim to this bag.


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    A sparkly bag?! Awesome! I'm anxious to see this!

  2. Can't wait to see your bag! Yes the snowy nasty weather is perfect for sewing I finally completed a Craftsy class I had signed up for over the weekend!

  3. Great bag! I might have to look into a teflon foot.