Thursday, November 07, 2013

Vogue 8815 with Belt

My first attempt at this Vogue 8815 peplum top was my first post for Mood Sewing Network, you can see it here on my blog.  I like this top but since it has been washed a few times, it is very short waisted and the darts don't hit in the right spot.

I added one more inch to the body of the top, added and inch to each side of the center front  on the peplum so I could pleat the peplum and I adjusted the darts.

Here was my inspiration top, I loved the pleats and the belt.  Love your skinny little waist too!
From my pinterest board

I used a snakeskin knit from Fabric Mart, which still is in stock and a great price.

I might like my top a bit better without a belt or with a wider belt.  I am so straight without much waist definition a wider belt might be better

You can see in this picture my belt won't stay in place.

I do like the pleats in the peplum, a bit of a change and this will be a great top to wear under cardigans and jackets.


  1. I love seeing all your beautiful sewing, however, I also enjoy seeing your big yellow dog sneak into the photos. She always seems to make an appearance and it's so cute.

  2. You did a great job of matching your inspiration piece! I am having a hard time transitioning to skinny belts this season.... just love my wider belts so much. Way back when, in high school, it was all about 'skinny belts.... loved them then'!! Your dog's love for you comes through each photo! Very cute.

  3. I love this pattern, and your make of it is really nice. I too have a hard time with the skinny belts but I persevere in my quest for the perfect look :-)

  4. I like your version of this and how you've changed it up.

    This pattern takes some fiddling with to get it just right for each person. Even though I made it into a jacket, I would like to make a top out of it but know that I will need to do some work on the pattern first.

  5. Cute. To keep belt in place you will really need those thread belt carriers. I must add them to a dress I just made...

  6. I love you top! Maybe I need to make a peplum top now. D: I do have a pattern for one!

  7. I've found this pattern needed adjusting. Your version looks great and sassy, in a nice way of course.