Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Weekend and The Chapel Market

It has been a bit since my last post and I thought I would give a bit of a recap on my trip with Paige and The Chapel Market.

We stopped by Clarksville, Tennessee first and bought a couple of things in a cute store called Hodge Podge and it was a great way to start the trip.

I took a picture of these cute swing seats and later saw this same concept in a small table

After a few more shops and a barn sale we called it a night but were up bright and early
First to Nashville to check out Antique Archaeology- Mike from American Pickers,

Paige and I enjoyed checking out all the items in the store but no money was spent there.  We did spend money at The Garage Coffee Company next door.  Amazing coffee house, one table was made from a car lift!

Next stop  Franklin, TN, this is such a beautiful town.  The historic downtown is in pristine condition and was fun to explore the little shops.  I really liked The City Farmhouse and here a sample of some of their displays and goodies.

We were in not a hurry to leave Franklin but still had quite a drive until Montgomery so we hit the road again. One of the best things about traveling with a partner, you don't have to do all the driving!

Saturday, arrived and I made Paige get out of bed bright and early.  I knew the line would be long and they were limiting the number in due to fire codes.  I wanted to be in the group that was toward the front.  We arrived over an hour early for the market

 but it soon proved I was right, the line grew long very quickly.  Paige and I were #10 and #11 in line.
Here I am in an instagram photo

 At about 8:45 some the bloggers and participants in the show would come out and visit.  Many telling us how fabulous all the goodies were inside.  Also, they passed on only 25-50 would be let in at a time, at least to start.  I tell you, this Mom was looking smarter and smarter by the minute.

Right at 9 we went in and headed to Miss Mustard Seed's booth and yes made purchases.  In all we were in there for over an hour with wall-to-wall people.  Several purchases were made and acquaintances made.  I came home with a table from Son of Whale, who is the brother to KariAnne of Thistlewood Farm
Source Son of Whale Etsy shop.

You can read some of the highlights from The Chapel Market at
Thistlewood Farm or The Lettered Cottage or Miss Mustard Seed.  Plus see much better photography from the show.

I just wanted to share with you a bit from my trip and to say it was such fun to bring new treasures home but the best treasure was spending time with my oldest.  We don't get the opportunity to do that very often and I was so blessed to get that chance.

Sewing - yes, I have been doing some of that since coming home.  A new shirt for Meredith and a Luxe Sweatshirt for me.  I took some pictures of the Luxe tonight but it was just too late for good pictures.  I will try again tomorrow.


  1. Having a trip with your daughter is a blessed event. Good that you found something to boy also....LOL

  2. my uncle lives in Franklin, TN!
    sounds and looks like a great trip!

  3. Looks like you girls had a great time. The garage coffee house looks like a great place!

  4. So glad you and Paige got the opportunity to spend some time together. I got a chance to do the same when my daughter and I went to Paris in August, and we made such special memories together. :-)

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